A Nigerian Shiite group condemned a court order on Sunday that would allow the government to ban it on terrorist ground after a wave of deadly protests in the capital.

At least six protesters, a trainee journalist and a senior police officer died on Monday when violence flared up during a march through the Islamic Movement of Nigeria to release Ibrahim Zakzaky’s leader.

On Saturday it was reported that a court in Abuja had granted an order allowing the government to describe the IMN’s activities “terrorism and illegality”.

The authorities must publish the order in the Government Gazette and two newspapers to come into force.

Sources of the Ministry of Justice and Justice confirmed the authenticity of the order. The government has not officially commented.

Senior IMN official Yahiya Dahiru condemned the condemnation as a “dangerous development” at a Abuja news conference on Sunday.

“You can never stop an ideology, you can never stop an idea, you can never stop our religion,” he said, insisting that protests will not stop until Zakzaky is released.

Zakzaky was arrested after violence during a religious march in December 2015. Law said about 350 mostly unarmed Shi’a marchers were killed by the Nigerian army.

In recent months there have been frequent clashes during almost daily marches by the IMN in the capital, as concerns about Zakzaky’s health are rising.

In October, the IMN and human rights groups said more than 40 people were killed when the security forces set fire.

The Nigerian police this week promised to suppress ‘violent protests’ by the group, with a large security presence across the capital.

Zakzaky and his colleague Zeenah Ibrahim are in charge despite the centralized elevated date on which he published in 2016.

The regime refused and filed criminal charges, along with slanderous deaths that could possibly be punished with death.

The IMN, which emerged as a research interest group in the late 1970s, was inspired by Islamic revolution in Iran and has close ties in the Shiite Islamic country.


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