The former governor of the Imo state, Rochas Okorocha, said the life of his daughter, Mrs. Uloma Nwosu, and other members of his family are threatened by the close help of his successor, Governor Emeka Ihedioha.

In a statement issued by his personal assistant, Ebere Nzewuji, Okorocha accused a top official of the Imo state of committing thugs to Mrs. Nwosu to attack in Owerri. He warns that the ongoing attack on him and his family members, if not checked, will lead to a total breach of law and order

“A few days ago, members of the Immo state repair team went to her shop and plundered her well over the allegations that it was government-owned. They also went to the former first lady’s shop and kept away from a few containers.

It was gift and souvenir she gave to her first ladies and dignitaries during her annual August meeting, including items sold in her furniture store. These things happening in Imo State are very serious. This will lead to a total division of law and order if disregarded.

We have been reporting to the police since the last incident and we do not think that serious action has been taken so far. We call on the authorities to do something about it before breaking law and order. ‘


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