Canadian rapper, Drake reportedly reported paying $ 350,000 to a woman accusing him of sexual assault in 2017. reported on Wednesday that the amount plus light details of the alleged incident was made public in a complaint filed by Laquana Morris against her New York lawyer.

According to the publication, the settlement was made by the rapper, although no charges were brought against him following a police investigation in Manchester, England.

In her complaint filed with the New York Attorney Grievance Committee against Alexander Cabereiras, Morris allegedly happened after she and Drake returned to his hotel room in February 2017 after the Manchester concert of his Boy Meets World tour.

The previous stripper and Instagram model wrote: “Drake forced me to do it verbally. It wasn’t your ordinary oral, it was more like a fetish. ‘

He then described how he told her to spit in a mug “until he measured it.”

Remember back in June 2017, Morris filed a police report in the UK and rented her lawyer in January 2018. But the British refused to conduct a prosecution against Drake, referring to a lack of evidence, according to documents submitted in its submission.

In September 2018, Drake filed a lawsuit against Morris and alleged that she had tried to oppress him with poor pregnancy and rape claims.


The two parties reached a settlement in November 2018.

According to TheBlast, Morris is aggrieved that the settlement with Drake includes a statement, which she now portrays the Canadian hitmaker as the victim in the situation.
She also claims that her lawyer worked with Drake’s lawyer at her best interests.

In response, sources near the Gods plan rapper told The Blast that disclosing the details of the settlement, which also included a requirement not to repeat her allegations of sexual assault, Morris now violates the agreement. .

Sources suggested that she should repay the initial $ 125,000 payment, as well as possible claims for significant damage to the rapper.


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