Drake Consoles Good Friend Kevin Durant After Warriors Player Suffers An Achilles Injury In NBA Finals Game


Drake has constantly threatened the Golden State writers, but has a 180 by breaking down Kevin Durant’s injury to Game 5. The rapper can also be soft.

Well, it’s a plot twist. While the Golden State Warriors beat the Toronto raptors in court in the 2019 NBA final, Drake, 32, sided with hell out of Dubs. Steph Curry, 31, Klay Thompson, 29, and Draymond Green, 29, are all victims of Drake’s taunts, but the Australian Ambassador of the Raptors has revealed a surprising display of companionship to Warriors forward Kevin Durant, 30, after being victimized. became a real Achilles injury during match 5 on June 10. When Kevin was escorted from court, Drake did not join in the rush of fellow raptors. Instead, he shouts and throws his hands in distress, and even puts a supporting hand on his long-standing friend’s back. It was a fitting gesture, as Kevin’s jersey number slipped into Drake’s arm.


Unfortunately, Kevin has seen the Scotiabank arena in Toronto leave on crutches. The Warriors president of basketball activities, Bob Myers, revealed that Kevin will undergo an MRI on June 11. At least Kevin’s incredible play did not disappear during the first quarter, as his team was finally on the scoreboard with a final score of 106-105. A close call – Toronto was 3-1 before Game 5 started! Drake was definitely in his feelings after the Raptors drew the first blood in Game 1. Drake attacked the Warriors and hunted the Warriors while showing too much crew love to the Raptors. First, Drake redefined “Pop Style” by wearing a signed, cute Dell Curry Raptors jersey. (Dell, who played his last three NBA seasons with the Raptors, is Steph Curry’s father) as a way to defame his friend. When Steph stopped talking to Drake’s court, the 6 God was on his worst behavior. He picked a piece of ribbon from Steph’s head and placed it on eBay.


It was just the beginning. Drake continued to head by directing his energy to Klay Thompson. The Warriors star said he was banned from listening to one of Drake’s biggest hits during the final. “If it’s a bad song, I’ll skip it. But if it’s one of his hits, I’ll play it,” he said, per person. “But I’ll definitely skip his song if I don’t like it. So, I’ll hit” Hotline Bling “or anything along the line.” Well, after Klay hit a technical error in the fourth quarter, Drake damned him With the signature dance from the video.


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