For some of us, our iPhones contain our entire lives. Not a day’s duration, depending on a variety of features, whether it’s cards, calendars, cameras, chat programs, games, and everything on offer. Can anyone really choose to live without a smartphone now?
But, like everything in life, even iPhones aren’t perfect. Sometimes they can be straightforward frustrating! We still don’t understand why there is no cell phone battery that can endure all day and night. And let’s not even start with the storage space! Owning a phone definitely has its low points as well.
But did you know that there is a secret world of iPhone pirates there? Today is your happy day. As if I didn’t do enough, it got even better.

1. Make your speakers louder

How many times did you enjoy a party or event, just to realize that there is no good speaker when the time comes to dance? Sure, the iPhone speaker is not BAD, but it can be a little stronger. Luckily for all of us, there’s a trick! Follow the instructions below to get the most of your phone’s speakers and start the party.
To boost your iPhone speakers a little more, go to the configuration application. Within the settings, click on EQ and then select the ‘Late in the Night’ option to get extra power for the party. And it’s not just the parties where this little trick is useful. It’s great for picnics, beach days and any other event in which someone accidentally left their Bluetooth speaker.

2. Be less distracted with the gray screen

Originally designed as an accessibility feature for people with color blindness, the gray scale screen is now becoming popular with those who want to divert themselves to their beloved iPhones. Obviously every application with the right colors is designed to make you addicted. Just think of the little red bubble of notifications, it’s almost impossible to ignore it! So, if you want to be less addicted, feel free to.
You can apply the gray scale filter by visiting Settings> General> Accessibility> Screen Adjustments> Color Filters. You can also add a shortcut if you want to switch between gray and full color. Just go back to the Accessibility settings and click on Accessibility shortcut, and then click on Color filters. Once you have enabled the shortcut, you can browse the settings with three clicks from the start button.

3. Find your photos in a new way

If your gallery isn’t full of photos, is it even an iPhone user? It’s so hard to remember when we took exactly that photo we were trying to show to someone else. And the displacement by seemingly endless images is less than ideal if you are looking for one. Fortunately, you can now use the feature that lets you search the elements in the photos.
Just open your photo gallery and write what you’re looking for in the search box. Whether it’s a specific animal, food, a hill, a beach or any other element, your phone will do all the heavy lifting for you. You will no longer have to be uncomfortable looking for that amazing brunch photo that you should show your friends. Save time and frustration – the ideal trick in our minds!

4. Change the brightness of your flashlight

We are all there: you wake up in the middle of the night, take a short bath and finally light yourself with the brightness of your flashlight. Of course, it’s a nightmare to go to bed again. If you want to change it again if you want a better environment, like any outdoor or camping situation, you can do it in seconds.
In fact, just move from the bottom of the screen to access the control center. Do not touch the flashlight button as the brightness levels are changed by the 3D touch. Just keep it pressed to activate the 3D touch and the brightness options will appear. Low light, medium light and bright light are your options. Try low light for midnight bathroom paths!

5. Take a shortcut to key menus

We called the 3D touch feature in the previous hack. Now you can use it again to go directly to the important menus you always try to access. Well, you can use it if you have an iPhone 6s or higher, anyway. On all iPhones, the 3D touch is enabled by default, but if not enabled on your phone, go to Settings> General> Accessibility and turn it on again.
To use the 3D touch


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