A doctor in a public hospital in the state of Sokoto, Tijjani Faruk, has confessed to raping a married woman after administering a sedative injection.

According to the Daily Nigerian newspaper, the husband of the patient, simply identified as Alhaji Shehu, said that a friend of the family referred him to the doctor when his wife was diagnosed with fibroids at the end of last year. A couple of months after the operation, he said the doctor called him on the phone and asked him to send his wife for an “additional medical examination” the next day.

“He called me on a Friday afternoon and asked me to send my wife for an additional medical examination on Saturday at 10 am. I did not know that the doctor had a bad plan to rape my wife, I did what I asked.

“When he woke up at 7 pm that Saturday, he discovered that Dr. Tijjani Ahmad Faruq (TJ) had sex with her while she was unconscious.

“When she asked him why he had done that to her, he gave no reason, just apologized and begged her to forgive him. When he asked Dr. Tijjani about the family planning pills that he was supposed to use to prevent immediate conception after the operation of the fibroids, he said he could not conceive again.

“A series of ultrasounds in the uterus carried out at the University Hospital of Usmanu Danfodiyo (UDUTH) and at the Zafafi Hospital in Bello Way Sokoto showed that Dr. Tijjani, instead of only extracting the fibroid she had complained about, He sewed and blocked my wife’s uterus, which left her permanently sterile, but since that fateful day, I realized that my wife had refused to visit her hospital every time I ordered her to do so. Shocking news that her doctor had raped her and everything that had happened that day, I asked her to go once again to record her confessions.

“During the covert operation, I made arrangements with my wife to get a test, my wife confronted him again why he raped her, he heard the doctor on the tape saying” this will be the end of your marriage if you tell your husband ” .

“Even that same day, she went to secretly have her confessions recorded, he fought to rape her but she refused,” Shehu said.

In a written request to the Health Commissioner of Sokoto state, the victim’s lawyer, Muhammad Mansur-Aliyu, demanded justice for his client and said that the doctor must face the full wrath of the law.

According to the Code of Medical Ethics in Nigeria, the doctor runs the risk of withdrawing from the registry and medical processing.

“Any registered professional who abuses their professional position, for example, by committing adultery or engaging in any improper conduct or by maintaining an inappropriate association with a patient, is likely to have their name deleted from the Registry. In this sense, any factual discovery that has been made in the proceedings in the Superior Court of appeal of a decision in such proceedings will be conclusive evidence of the fact in any trial held by the Disciplinary Tribunal of Physicians and Dentists, “a provision in the Code of Ethics in Nigeria said.

The accused doctor had initially denied the allegations, but when the investigation panel relayed the recording of his conversation with his patient, he confessed to having sex with her.

In confirming the incident, state health commissioner Ali Inname said the ministry had set up a panel to investigate the matter.


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