Soccer legend, David Beckham allowed his Bentley to run while using a cellphone. The former English captain was charged after a member of the public told police they had seen the 43-year-old on the phone while driving in London’s West End.

Scotland Yard Police in a statement said: “The Met understands that a post guilty plea was subsequently received by Bromley Magistrate’s Court.”

David Beckham admits he is using a cell phone while he is in 2018? 100,000 Bentley managed

The fourth father said he was in the Great Portland Street on November 21 while driving his 2018 Bentley. Two months ago, Beckham was accused of “easing” his responsibility as a role model after avoiding speeding persecution. due to a technical nature.

Beckham admitted that he drove an issued Bentley at 59mph in a 40mph zone in west London in January last year. However, Beckham did not experience any further action because a notice of intended prosecution (NIP) was not received until one day after the statutory 14 day time limit.

This led to Joshua Harris, director of campaigns for Brake, saying it was “extremely disappointing” to see the role model “alleviating its responsibility and carrying out a rapid prosecution in a purely technical way.

Beckham was another NIP sent on the latest incident and was subsequently charged on February 5, according to court officials who could not access any details of a plea. The case was heard at Bromley’s court yesterday, but Beckham is not expected to attend and members of the press and public will not be allowed.

The trial will be an administrative one, known as a single legal procedure, where a single magistrate may choose to impose points or a fine. Freeman also assisted Beckham in stating an eight-month ban in 1999 after claiming that the soccer player was trying to escape a paparazzi photographer.


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