A 28 year old man distinguished as Jeffrey Otite has run distraught while attempting to pull back money from ATM in Delta.

As per vanguard, the young  man had gone to make the withdrawal from the ATM along Okpe Road in Sapele, Delta State and out of the blue he began acting strangely.

The episode which occurred along Okpe street by Akintola saw a huge group as right on time as 6.30am. A source who at the scene said Jeffrey went ahead a cruiser that morning ” he strolled into the ATM box and the following thing we saw was Jeffrey yelling over his voice.

He beginning pulling his garments and talking hogwash, that was what pulled in bystander to the scene” the man who pined for obscurity said.

Anyway a young fellow who essentially called himself Onyokpe said Jeffrey had been wiped out.

“He has this high fever I know his parents has been treating, so I think this is what is worrying him” he said.

The group most likely getting a charge out of the show was said to have broken into shout of “Ghana Burger!” Ghana Burger!” another name for Yahoo young men, while applauding along the reciting. Jeffrey was later tied up by great Samaritans previously his relatives removed him in a blue Toyota Camry.


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