Nigerian artist, Davido, has supposedly been announced needed in The Gambia over a strike on a picture taker recognized as Kenny Egbuke, after an instance of ambush was accounted for against him at the Kololi Police station.

As per a report by Enquirermag, the vocalist broke the head and tore the lips of one of the nation’s most striking big name picture takers who had come to cover his occasion as of late.

Davido pronounced needed

A youthful female fan had drawn nearer Davido for a selfie while he was eating. The woman was said to have taken a couple of pictures of him before going near him and this, it was accumulated, did not run down well with the artist, who sent her back by yelling at her.

This, as indicated by reports, was what picked Egbuke’s advantage – he at that point attempted to converse with Davido to relax with the woman, since some awed women can be richly forceful, particularly when they see a major star like him.

As indicated by the report by Enquirermag, the picture taker’s recommendation, notwithstanding, further infuriated the artist and the following thing he did was toss his thick and substantial cognac glass specifically at Egbuke, breaking his lips and skull.

It was additionally discovered that he even endeavored to break the Hennessy bottle on his head, yet his bouncers spared the day. David’s was said to have left with all his escort, minutes after.


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